A clothing Designer, a project management company and a discount travel site bought domain names last week.

This week we have a rarity: a .net domain name was the second highest sale among end user sales I found at Sedo. Mahjong.net sold for $10K.

That and B13.com were the only 5-figure sales from last week that I was able to find. There were several sales at $5K and above including UHive.com, a social network with an interesting twist. Uhive has been using a new TLD.

Take a look at some of the end user sales at Sedo this past week, and you can view previous weeks’ lists here.

B13.com €13,000 – This domain forwards to the .DE version of the site for a German online digital communications agency. The agency’s name is b:dreizehn; dreizehn translates to “thirteen”, so they now own the shorter numeric .com version of their domain.

Mahjong.net $10,000 – This forwards to the .Com version of this gaming site that offers free Mahjong games online playable on desktop, tablet and mobile.

UHive.com $9,999 – This site forwards to UHive.life. It claims to be a comprehensive social network, the “World’s First Social Network With Physical Dimensions. Combining technology with Human psychology to deliver a new, remarkable and unique user experience.”

Norlha.com $5,500- Norlha is a clothing company based in China that works with high-end Paris fashion houses. They use the domain NorlhaTextiles.com, so this shorter domain was a nice pickup for the company.

TheWorldTour.com $5,000 – This looks like the landing page for a travel adventure club. Their tagline is “A social, member driven, international travel club of fun people. Awesome trips since 2000!”.

QUWI.com €5,000- This 4L .com has a preview page with the message: “World’s easiest project management system with screenshots.”

Viagens.co.br $3,300 – Forwards to Leblon.com.br, a travel booking site for Brazil where you can reserve discounted hotels, cars and airline tickets. Viagens translates to travels so this is a  keyword term.

ConnectingHelp.com $3,000 – This site is in development for a Montessori school in London called Over the Rainbow.

MyFellow.com €3,000 – This domain was purchased by Towerview Health, which also operates PillBox.com, a prescription medication subscription service and “personal assistant” for medications. Perhaps My Fellow will be an offshoot service for this company.

Inlogy.com $2,500 – Forwards to the .DE version of this site for a German software engineering company.

MachineCafe.fr $2,000 – This site operates as a French music forum where users can make comments on albums.

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