A candy company, an escape room and an upscale hotel chain bought domain names last week.

graphic of briefcase full of money related to end user domain name sales

This week’s list of end user sales at Sedo includes an eclectic mix such as Hero.eu, RedCircle.com and ModernAnimal.com.

Here’s the list of end user sales from the past week. You can view previous lists like this here.

Hero.eu €29,000 – Hero offers interim staffing company in the Netherlands.

RedCircle.com $17,000 – RedCircle, a podcast hosting service provider that also supplies users with analytics and promotional tools, upgraded its domain. It uses GetRedCircle.com.

Veridic.com €12,000 – Forwards to Veridic.co.uk, a mobile app developer based in London that now owns the .com version of its domain.

ModernAnimal.com €11,000 – In development by a Veterinarian in Los Angeles.

MyMontage.com $10,000 – Purchased by the Montage Management Group, a luxury international hotel chain with locations in California, Mexico and some ski destinations. It uses the domain MontageHotels.com.

WeeBeastie.com $6,118 – A creative agency in Ventura, CA. It forwards to WeeBeastie.tv. This was a SedoMLS sale.

BeanBagChairs.com $5,559 – This domain used to forward to a store that sold bean bag chairs. The new buyer is developing it.

SoccerGround.com $5,000 – SoccerGround is a German company specializing in the planning, installation and assembly of small walled soccer fields.

Rowingblazers.mx $5,000 – Rowing Blazers bought another ccTLD that matches its brand. It bought two other ccTLDs a couple of weeks ago.

BV-Auctions.com $3,559 – The best guess is the buyer is the high-end car collector auction site BV Collector Car Auctions GmbH, which uses BV-Auctions.de.

Indizio.de $2,600 – Indizio is an escape room style entertainment place with two locations in Germany. The German ccTLD forwards to Indizio.one.

Vanparys.com $2,000 – A Belgium confectionery company specializing in a Dragées, an M&M-like candy with a hard outer shell. They were established in 1889 and claim to be “The Original Chocolate Dragee”.

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