A chatbot maker, an international hotel chain, and construction company bought domain names.

graphic of briefcase full of money related to end user domain name sales

Last week I wondered if the $1 million RX.com sale at Sedo was an investor purchase or an end user sale. For now, we’ll have to qualify it as an investor sale. Brent Oxley, the founder of HostGator and a domain investor, is the buyer.

Here’s a look at sales to end users that recently closed at Sedo. See prior end user lists here.

RaumFabrik.com €10,000 – The domain forwards to the website for construction company Peter Gross Bau. Google translate offers “room factory” and “space factory” as translations.

GLS.co £7,999 – California Cryobank, which purchased my favorite name from last week, Generate.US, bought this domain. I’m not sure why.

Shopee.org $5,000 – Forwards to Shopee.com, an online shopping platform in Southeast Asia and Taiwan. The company recently paid $5,000 for Shopee.in.

Be-U.com £5,000 – Purchased by Genting International Management, LTD, an international hotel management group and energy company out of Malaysia. They own and operate properties globally including New York City, Las Vegas, Singapore, Malaysia and more. This domain has potential for a marketing campaign.

LuxuryCottages.co.uk £5,000 – Holiday “cottage” booking site for the UK and Ireland.

WestHollywoodHotels.com $4,995 – Pebblebrook Hotel Trust operates many hotels in Los Angeles, including the Montrose West Hollywood.

OurLife.org €4,600 – A company called Guild Care in Great Britain bought this domain. It appears to be a senior care provider.

RIVN.com $4,000 – RIVN, a GDPR and compliance provider, bought this domain and forwards it to RIVNco.com.

GrayCap.com $3,000 – GrayCap Inc. is a new company that was formed in Utah last month.

MindKit.com $3,000 – MindKit is a chatbot builder.

Es-Project.de €2,500 – ES project is a software company focused on server and security measures.

Refereed.com $2,500 – This is a clever name for a peer review system that’s coming soon.

PeritonealMesothelioma.net $2,400 – Purchased by Patient Care Services, LLC in of Orlando, Florida.

TeamSpeak5.de €2,000 – Forwarding to NexTeamSpeak.de, which appears to be a hosting company.

Letter.one €2,000 – Parcel One is an international shipping company.

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