An event venue in Montreal, a Milwaukee apartments company, and ClassPass bought domain names this past week.

Photo of PY1 in Montreal

The creators of the PY1 venue in Montreal bought They use for their website. Photo from

This week’s list of end user domain sales at Sedo doesn’t have any big-ticket domains, but it makes up for it in volume. Some companies bought matching ccTLDs while the creator of a pyramid-shaped venue in Montreal bought a .com to match its .co domain.

Here’s the list, and you can view previous lists like this here. $13,500 – It appears the buyer’s first and middle names are James Garrison. Seems like a lot for this domain, doesn’t it? €9,910 – PT Kifa Citra Sejati is a company in Jakarta that sells food products. I’m not sure what this domain is for but it could be a brand. $9,899 – PY1 is a new venue in Canada developed by Lune Rouge. It uses the domain name $9,500 – ADCADA, a trading, real estate, finance and marketing company, bought the .com to match its .de domain name. $5,799 – Avalon Holdings operates waste management services, golf courses and resorts. €5,500 – German company DABEI GmbH. Fluit is Dutch for whistle, but I can’t figure this one out. $5,250 – Metropolitan Associates is an apartment company in Milwaukee. It uses the domain name €4,488 – Logictree, Inc is a software company. This might be for one of its new projects. £4,500 – The domain forwards to OMSAG, a digital marketing company. Given that this domain ends in AG, it might be a related company name. $4,000 – The buyer operates ABL Aviation, an aircraft leasing company. $4,000 – Software company Bentley. The company filed a trademark application last week for the term. $3,750 – Philosophy Brands GmbH is a marketing company in Germany. This might be for a client. $3,500 – Proximify provides web solutions to government and academic organizations. €3,080 – Suding makes precast concrete. The domain translates to “concrete factory” in German. $2,888 – ClassPass, a popular program to visit exercise classes, forwards this domain to $2,500 – The buyer is setting up a financial template on Wix. €2,150 – Lighthouse Wealth Management. €2,150 – Green Angels has a coming soon page and states that it’s “on a mission to fight global waste and environmental crisis by empowering people with innovative tools, knowledge and connections to help make positive lifestyle changes.” $2,060 – HubGarage is a site about automotive gear. £2,000 – Makeup seller CharlotteTilbury forwards this domain to its .com. $2,000 – Pieper Electric is an electrical contractor in Wisconsin.

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