Maker of Jose Cuervo is among the end users that bought domain names at Sedo.

Sedo had a strong week for end user sales a couple of weeks ago, led by the €75,000 sale of a domain name to a company in Germany. Other notable buyers include the major of Jose Cuervo tequila, a company that is part-owned by Bosch, and a gaming company that bought

Let’s get to the list….

(You can view previous lists like this here.) €75,000 – Tasko Products GmbH operates an online shop at $25,000 – 70times1 Limited is a performance marketing company. The domain name does not yet resolve. $13,500 – Alsid is a directory security company. €10,000, €5,000 and €8,000 – EnID European NetID Foundation. $7,500 – Boxt connects consumers to heating system installers. Bosch is an investor. $7,500 – The page currently resolves to a quiz and shows the image of a book about franchising called “Hire Yourself” by Pete Gilfillan. I can’t confirm 100% that this is the buyer, but it looks like it. €5,500 – Jambit GmbH is a German software company. It already owns, but this is a nice shortener. $5,500 – Ms Photo Publishing Ltd is a Hong Kong publisher of photography. $4,750 – The domain forwards to, home of a shoe company called John Foos. $4,569 – Coolback Company. As best I can tell, this company is based in the Netherlands and recently rebranded from the name Optixolar BV. $4,000 – Payment Solutions, Inc., a payments company that uses the matching .net domain name. €3,840 – Casa Cuervo, S.A. de C.V. is the listed registrant. It’s part of a corporate family called Becle, S.A.B. De C.V. It’s better known as the company that makes Jose Cuervo tequila. $3,800 – Gamurs Pty Ltd. is a gaming company that specializes in eSports. $3,000 – Expload is a game developer. $3,000 – Glacier Hills Credit Union must plan to use this for a marketing campaign. I love seeing three-word phrases like this sell. $2,888 – Goya GmbH seems to be a vacation/retreat company. $2,600 – Blockchain Business News Network €2,500 – The website mirrors, which appears to be a print publisher. $2,499 – Verified appears to be some sort of ID verification service. $2,300 – La Rosa Development is a real estate firm in Florida.

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