A tax service provider,  a video game company and soccer forum all bought domain names recently.

graphic of briefcase full of money related to end user domain name sales

Sedo published a new sales list that covers a few weeks of sales over the holidays, so we have a bonanza of end user sales to report this week.

Let’s get right to it, and if you like this list, you can view previous lists like this here.

Taxes.com $250,000 – Sedo sold this high value generic key term to the international tax services and consulting firm Ryan, which is headquartered in Dallas. They currently utilize Ryan.com as their main site but with this purchase, they will certainly receive more traffic.

FinalGoal.com $68,000  – This domain is being used for a soccer forum.

Zuj.com €10,099 – This valuable 3L .com was purchased by Redfox Ventures, a branding agency, presumably for one of its clients.

Eat.fr €7,000 – A food takeout and delivery service bought this French ccTLD.

EliteDerm.com $7,000 – Forwards to EliteDermatology.com, a Houston-based dermatology practice.

Keramik.com €6,500 – This is German for ceramics. A “coming soon” message on the domain points to eQuarz, a granite, quartz and ceramic countertop seller.

Küchenheld.de €5,950 – A German construction company specializing in kitchen renovations.

Data4life.de €5,900 – Redirects to GesundheitsCloud.de, a German service provider that lets you manage personal medical information such as healthcare providers, medical institutions, etc.

RentBerry.com.br $5,600 – RentBerry, a home rental company, bought the Brazilian ccTLD to match its .com. for its business after purchasing the Canadian ccTLD several weeks ago. It bought Rentberry.ca for $8,888 a few weeks ago.

Shopee.in $5,000 – Shopee is an E-commerce platform headquartered in Singapore that launched in 2015.

Wikisoftware.com $5,000 – Electronic Forms LLC, which operates from EForms.com, is an online provider of legal documents and contract forms for business, real estate and estate planning.

Elyps.com $4,001 – A site in development for a new app for real-time mobile Blockchain payments.

CubeWorld.com $3,900 – Game developer Picroma, which as a game called Cube World.

Paul-Valentine.cn $3,800 – Redirects to .com version of this online jewelry and accessories shop.

Controlar.com €3,700 – Controlar, a Portuguese auto electronics and software company that operates on Controlar.pt.

Aeroe.com $3,500 – A New Zealand company called Aeroe Ltd.

DentalFox.com €2,900 – German dental equipment company Dental Fox, which uses DentalFox.de,

Med-Link.com $2,750 – Med-Link helps accident victims with their medical treatment.

SymetraLifeInsurance.com $2,568 – Symetra Life Insurance of Bellevue. It uses the domain Symetra.com

Damascus.net €2,500 – Purchased by the Catholic Youth Summer Camp organization to be used for their Damascus campus in Centerburg, OH.

Claneo.com €2,420 – Claneo GmbH, a German Digital Marketing agency who that uses the German country code domain Claneo.de.

Optival.com €2,350 – Digital marketing agency Optival uses the domain name Optival.co.

CMCX.com $2,300 – Redirects to Content-Marketing-Conference.com, so this is a shortened domain for the CMCX European Content Marketing Conference hosted in Munich.

Datack.com €2,000 – Redirects to Datack.FR which looks to be a French website in development for some sort of marketing agency with the slogan, “Deploy your identity, Activate your communities, Influence your sector”.

Mountainhardwear.es $2,000 – Presumably purchased by Mountain Hardwear, a subsidiary of Columbia Sportswear who specializes in apparel, accessories and equipment primarily for mountaineering enthusiasts and outdoor athletes.


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