Here are three interviews with domain investors that will teach you a lot.

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I interview many types of people on the DNW Podcast: domain investors, end users, service providers, domain developers, etc. Here are three podcasts that will help domain name investors that are trying to learn from others:

Logan Flatt – Logan has a background in finance and takes a very analytical approach to domain investing. He runs strict financials against the portfolio and treats it like an investment class. On the podcast, Logan explains how he manages and monitors his portfolio, and how he runs tests to figure out the best way to sell his domains. Listen.

Joshua Schoen – Joshua invests in high-value domain names. He’s fairly new to domain name investing but has acquired some spectacular domains. He explains his approach to buying domain names that aren’t actively for sale. Listen.

Mark Levine – Mark invests in lower-priced domains and sells them at reasonable prices. It’s a volume play that many domain investors try to emulate. He’s not making retirement money but is building a solid annual income. Listen.

If you want to hear some domain development stories, listen to an update with Drew Wash, who tried to build three exact match domains into businesses generating $25k/month in recurring revenue within a year.

On Tuesday I’ll release an update with Peter Askew. He talks about his recent article about selling onions that went viral and how much traffic and sales it sent to his sites. He also talks about the “failure” of his call tracking business that he discussed on episode #163. It failed but he turned it into a six-figure domain sale.

Thanks for listening.

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