Sedo has facilitated lots of end user domain name sales so far this month.

It’s been three weeks since I did an end user sales list. I’ve been putting it off thanks to what has happened to Whois records as a result of GDPR. In reviewing the past few weeks’ of data today, I came up with a process to continue publishing end-user sales information despite restricted Whois.

(In fact, if you are interested in becoming my end user report writer, I will train you how to do this and pay you to create the weekly post. Some WordPress publishing knowledge is required. If you’re interested, contact me at andrew (at)

Sedo has had some strong sales this month, including for six figures. Also note the purchase by Express Scripts, the 25th largest publicly traded company in the United States. It’s a big list, so let’s get to it!

(You can view previous lists like this here.) €109,160 – Flo is an electric vehicle charging service. $85,000 – Washington Speakers Bureau bought its acronym. $85,000 – I’m not sure who the buyer is, but this is an end user price. $30,000 – SecureChain is a blockchain company that maintains SecureCoin. $27,500 – eFounders is a business incubator. €22,000 – I can’t tell for sure because of GDPR’d Whois records, but I believe that upgraded to $20,000 – The website resolves to a mobile payments company in China. €10,000 – FinTecSystems GmbH is a German company that provides banking APIs and data analysis. $8,000 – HomePick is a courier service in South Kora. $7,140 – Nevax is a tissue brand from Essity Hygiene and Health AB. $7,000 – GEDANKENtanken GmbH bought this domain and is promoting a personality test. $6,450 – The domain forwards to, which is a day spa website. €5,999 – This is a domain hack for the ecommerce company Wayfair. $5,888 – JSL Software uses the domain name $5,500 – Triodor software is a tech company creating technologies such as solutions for the Industrial Internet of Things. $5,000 – CirrusGH Technology is a tech company with a product called NanoCable. $4,945 – National Automated Clearing House Association, an electronic payments association. I don’t see any services associated with NACHA called Afinis, so this might be something new. $4,800 – Fortune 100 pharmacy company Express Scripts. $3,700 – This is a really cool concept. MysteryMinds operates Mystery Lunch, which connects people at a company for networking. $3,588 – Christ Church is a church in Illinois. $3,500 – Amirco is a business logistics company. $3,450 – SitePro is a website builder and domain registration business. $3,260 – The buyer’s last name is Campbell. $3,000 – Curanova AG is a real estate company that uses the domain name $2,999 – PixFix fixes images that have been damaged by noise or JPEG compression. £2,998 – LitRes Ltd is an ebook company in Russa. $2,850 – This is for a horse racing site. $2,750 – Knowhoo Quickfinder LImited is a company incorporated in the UK last month. $2,700 – Vibux is a Building Information Modeling (BIM) company. $2,577 – This is a forward for, the name of a product that is a supplement for liver health. Gee, think they had a problem with their domain name? €2,500 – The domain name forwards to a page on titled “golfplaetze-schweiz”. $2,500 – The buyer operates a wedding videography service. $2,500 – CarDog offers CRM and other Saas solutions. $2,460 – It appears that Oracle’s DYN acquired the domain. €2,050 – Soundbit appears to be a new music service launching soon.

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