Here’s why this upgrade makes sense, but still isn’t perfect.

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A real estate website has paid $550,000 to shorten its domain name.

A few days ago, domain broker James Booth announced on Twitter the sale of for $550,000. was mentioned in the buyer party’s name. I was curious about the buyer, so I did some research on

Beijing-based Wo Ai Wo Jia (我爱我家 = I Love My Home) was founded in 2000 to help consumers buy, sell, or rent properties. It features 3300 outlets with 55,000 property specialists, covering major cities in China and overseas. In 2017, it successfully listed as A-share on the Shanghai and Shenzhen stock exchanges (ticker symbol: 000560).

Wo Ai Wo Jia uses as its corporate domain (官方 or literally meaning “official”). This domain is not easy to remember because it is not brand matching. A brand matching domain matches the brand name of a company. For example, for Tencent, for Pin Duo Duo, or for Jing Dong. By the same token, the ideal corporate domain for Wo Ai Wo Jia would be or

The use of is quite unusual. In the domain, “5” is used because it rhymes with “wo”. In other words, “5” sounds like “wo”. Similarly, “i” rhymes with “Ai”. “j” is the only letter which is an acronym for “jia”. Therefore, the domain 5i5j does not follow the usual rule in brand matching. As a result, it is not very easy to remember because some sort of translation has to be processed in the brain, even though some creative folks may think this is “cool”.

If turns out to be an upgrade from, the brand name will become shorter: from 我爱我家 ( I Love My Home) to simply 爱家 ( Love Home). The upgrade in the brand is very good. However, the same issue still remains. The ideal domain for the upgrade would be

Currently, both and do not resolve. If the company has not secured these two domains, they should, even if only for brand protection.

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