Company gets coveted domain name for its cloud business. (NASDAQ: AMZN) has acquired the domain name, Whois records indicate.

Historical Whois records at DomainTools show that the domain was transferred to this week, between September 11 and September 12.

The domain name was owned by AWS Convergence Technologies, Inc. Although the corporate relationships are a bit convoluted, the seller appears to be part of a company called Earth Networks that runs the site (That’s further convoluted by a company name of GroundTruth on the WeatherBug website).

The oldest Whois record at DomainTools dates to 2001, showing Automated Weather Source as the registrant. But data in the Whois records since then all show a common owner. The domain was registered in 1995.

Amazon’s cloud business is Amazon Web Services, or AWS for short. The company recently started using the dot-brand domain name .AWS in marketing. Although I’m sure it has coveted the domain name for many years, I wonder if traffic to the domain has increased since it began marketing domain names like BuildOn.AWS. does not resolve as of this morning.

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