Hockey team filed complaint 23 years after the domain was registered.

The Chicago Blackhawks won a dispute to get

The Chicago Blackhawks hockey team has won a cybersquatting dispute it brought against the owner of the domain name.

The hockey team filed the dispute with World Intellectual Property Organization after inquiring about buying the domain. The domain registrant replied that the domain was “a six figure name”, at which point the Blackhawks filed the dispute.

There are a few factors that could have weighed against the hockey team in the dispute. First, the domain was registered in 1995 and the team didn’t file a complaint until over 20 years later. Second, the parked page on the domain doesn’t have links related to hockey. Finally, trying to buy a domain name before filing a dispute can show that the complainant realizes it doesn’t have a cybersquatting case.

However, the domain owner didn’t respond to the allegations.

The domain will be transferred to the NHL team in 10 days unless the domain owner files a lawsuit.

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