Company gets lots of benefits for a very low price by upgrading its domain name.

Last week Sedo sold the domain name for $275,000. The Whois record showed that it was still in escrow, but today that changed and we know the buyer.

West Monroe Partners, a consulting firm, has acquired the domain name. It got a great value when you consider the value it’s getting.

The company currently uses the domain name That’s long and if you’ve just heard about the company for the first time, rather difficult to spell because of the word Monroe.

It also appears that employees’ email addresses end in Not only is a that a pain for customers to type because of its length, but it probably causes lots of misdirected email. It was also annoying for employees to say over the phone when providing their email addresses. is owned by a city of the same name in Louisiana, so shortening to that was unlikely. It also still has the spelling issue.

So the company bought for $275,000. It’s short. It has an aura of credibility. And it was a great value.

Consider the benefits the company is getting. Then consider that there are about 1,000 employees listed on LinkedIn. Get all of these benefits for a one time cost of just $275 per employee?

Yeah, that’s a great value.

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