End users snap up domain extensions beyond .com.

Remember how last week it was easy for me to find end user domain sales in Sedo’s sales list? Well, this week it was a bit tougher but the quality was very high. It was also different because many of the top sales were not .com domains. Among the domains that sold for $10,000 or more that are end users, two are .org, one is .fi and one is .uk.

End user domain name sales up to $48,000 including .org, .uk and .fiClick To Tweet

Also note a four letter .com sale for nearly $25,000. I still think four letter domains with Western-friendly letters are a good long-term investment.

Here’s the list of end user domain name sales from the past week:

(You can view previous lists like this here.)

Ton.org $48,000 – The domain name is under privacy and still points to Sedo parking. Although I don’t know who bought it yet, I’m comfortable saying that whomever spent a ton of money on ton.org is an end user.

ACRT.com $24,950 – ACRT, Inc, “a leading independent utility vegetation management consulting company”, smartly decided to buy this shorter version of its acrtinc.com domain.

Wi.fi €19,000 – How’s this for a nice domain hack? SMS Online, an SMS technology company, bought the domain.

Intake.org €10,000 – The buyer used an email address for Family Health International but the registrant organization is listed as Intake.

Proshop.co.uk €10,000 – Proshop ApS is based in Denmark and uses the domain Proshop.dk.

PokerBitcoin.com $10,000 – The buyer is creating a site about playing poker with bitcoin.

PlayRugby.com $7,500 – The Sports & Leisure Group organizes sports leagues. It also uses the brand Play Football.

PhotoMatt.com $7,000 – The domain is still being transferred but I have to assume it’s WordPress creator Matt Mullenweg (podcast)

ContinentalFarms.com $3,130 – Continental Farms in Florida uses the domain name CFMiami.com.

SVS.at €2,499 – Sozialversicherungsanstalt der gewerblichen Wirtschaft uses the domain name SVAGW.at. SVS must be some sort of acronym for the company but the language is getting in the way for me.

SixStreet.com $2,200 – This domain has Whois privacy but the new owner is creating a site.

Theorem.co $2,000 – CitrusByte is a web development company. Maybe they are rebranding?

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