Company filed cybersquatting claim after failing to buy the domain name for a price it was willing to pay.

JC Global wanted the domain name for its line of air conditioners…but didn’t want to pay the asking price.

Frank Schilling, with the help of attorney John Berryhill, has defended his company’s domain name in a UDRP.

The case was filed by JC Global. That company sells air conditioners and dehumidifiers under the Ocean Breeze brand.

JC Global’s case was dead on arrival. The domain name was registered well before JC Global got a trademark for Ocean Breeze. It’s also a fairly generic domain, and the parked page for the domain showed ads related to cruises.

This was clearly a “Plan B” UDRP filing. JC Global inquired about buying the domain name but wouldn’t meet the asking price.

The National Arbitration Forum panel did not consider reverse domain name hijacking.

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