Several software developers, a job search website and a music branding service all bought domain names this week.

The top overall sale was purchased by a food manufacturer called Hilton Whole Grain Millers. There were several other interesting end user purchases including two different BitCoin-related service providers.

Check out the list below, and you can view previous lists like this here. $27,300 – As noted above, this was bought by Hilton Whole Grain Millers, a manufacturer out of Canada. The domain forwards to a page on about a product called Fruitwrap. It combines peanut butter, fruit and what looks to be a tortilla. Frank Schilling’s Name Administration sold the domain. €17,850 – Forwards to Now they own the brand name without the “24” for their construction and renovation project management company out of Germany. €15,000 – Forwarding to, this European lifestyle brand now owns the .com domain. According to the site, “VERWAY stands for modern, luxurious, trend-conscious and environmentally friendly products in the fields of beauty, wellness, home living, health, energy and crypto currency”. That’s a wide spectrum of product offerings. €9,500 – It looks like someone is creating a Bitcoin-related site. €7,000 – Currently forwards to, which is owned by a French brand of nutritional bars. $6,000 – The Whois record is for a software development company in Florida. The domain is being developed into a job board. $5,500 – The top “other” sale for the week was purchased by a Brazilian company called ListenX, which provides “Music Branding” for businesses, with the tag line “The right music for all types of business”. $4,500 – An online software provider for Bitcoin trading. $3,800 – This site was purchased by Fashion Division, S.A. a Portuguese Company. It runs a site called, so this might be short for Zippy. $3,750 – The domain forwards to, a music site operated by ARTE G.E.I.E. in France. €3,500 – This is a much shorter domain for the software firm that uses The short domain now forwards to the longer one. €3,000 – A Mexican restaurant franchise in France purchased this keyword domain. sold for $33,000 at NamesCon in 2016. $2,400 – Forwarding to This Spanish engineering firm specializes in computer and telecommunications systems, including national and international telephone systems, data center infrastructure and cybersecurity.


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