This domain name gets a ton of misdirected email.

Gmail logo with the word "not" above it.

Yesterday, I wrote about the traffic and purchase inquiries that gets.

It reminded me of another domain name that gets a lot of traffic and offers to purchase:

That’s just one letter off from

And, according to the owners, it gets a ton of traffic and misdirected emails.

In 2015 it received an average of 5,000 visits a day. More sensational is that it gets 1.2 million misdirected emails per week.

(I emailed the owners about a month ago for updated numbers but did not hear back.)

The owners fought off a UDRP brought by a Brazilian company in 2006.

According to an FAQ on the site, the owners aren’t interested in selling the domain or monetizing it. They could make a lot of money monetizing it with an email data firm!


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