Consider hiring a broker or using Afternic.

Picture of great wall of china with words "how to sell domains to China"

China is an attractive place for domain investors. We hear of exciting news of domains sold to Chinese buyers for incredible prices. Naturally, we want to know how we can do the same too and reap a handsome return.

In the high end, there have been many multimillion sales to China. Some examples are for a reported $17 million and for a reported $10 million to Chinese companies. Even domains of other extensions can sometimes achieve great prices. For example, and were sold for $17,000 and $13,000 respectively last December and I wrote about them in Two interesting .cc domain sales.

If you have domains in the 6 figures or higher price ranges, it may be a good idea to solicit help from a China-based domain broker. However, if you are like me and the majority of domain investors holding domains of average quality, that option may not be available. But, you can try an MLS (multiple listing service) provider.

One MLS provider I use is Afternic. Afternic is owned by Godaddy which provides Chinese content and payments (Alipay and China UnionPay) on its website to sell domains to Chinese buyers. Afternic also partners with domain registrars in China such as Wan Wang (万网), (橙米网), Xinnet (新网), (易介网), eName (易名), and (纳点网). They remove the language and payment barriers usually faced by domain investors.

For example, last year I sold several domains to Chinese buyers (although unintended) via Afternic and one of them was I set a price and forgot it until Afternic notified me of the sale with subsequent payment of the proceeds into my bank account. The domain was bought by a Chinese end user in the heating/cooling device business. This experience also shows that a good domain will sell to anywhere in the world, including China.

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