Disasters drive domain name registrations.

Hurricane Irma as seen from space. Photo courtesy NASA.

The word Irma was suddenly popular in .com domain name registrations last month. When Hurricane Irma struck Florida, people dashed to their computers to register domain names related to the storm.

That made Irma the #1 trending keyword in .com registrations last month, meaning it saw the biggest percentage spike in registrations over the prior month.

Disaster also made the list. The past couple months have certainly had their fair share of natural disasters.

Here’s the complete list of the top ten trending keywords in .com domain names last month:

1. Irma
2. Pic
3. Lean
4. Jerseys
5. Prices
6. Parks
7. Disaster
8. Aspen
9. Porter
10. Drain

Any guesses what will be trending in October?

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