It’s really quite simple.

So ICANN has received guidance from the Article 29 Working Party in Europe about ICANN’s proposed Whois model to comply with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

I’d summarize it as: nice try, but we are your overlords now. (Only in needlessly complex language.)

Regulation can be good, but regulation run amok can be bad.

I have a solution to solve GDPR as it related to Whois. It’s insanely simple.

When you register a domain name, there’s a box that asks “Are you a resident or citizen of the EU, or is your company based in the EU.”

If you check it, then you get free Whois privacy/proxy for every part of your Whois except for the Organization name.

What about all of the existing domains? The registrar should send an annual notice to all registrants. If the person qualifies, they can get this same privacy or proxy setting.

But what about people who miss this notice? What about people who don’t understand? What about people who move to the EU?

You know what? At some point, people have to take responsibility for themselves. The government can’t protect everything from happening.

I’m sure no one can poke holes in my ingenious plan.

OK, now let’s get back to solving real business problems and growing our businesses.

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