Company acquired, filed for trademarks, and recently loaded up on Keap-related domains.

Logo for Keap

The Keap logo, as filed with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office

CRM and marketing platform Infusionsoft has registered a lot of domain names as it prepares to launch Keap.

What is Keap? I can’t tell for certain, but based on the company’s recent trademark filings and domain registrations, it’s very possible that the company is rebranding as Keap. At a minimum, it is about to launch a new product called Keap.

In August or September 2018, Infusionsoft appears to have acquired the domain name from Frank Schilling’s Name Administration.

Then late last year the company filed for nine trademarks involving the brand. The services it filed under seem a lot like what Infusionsoft currently offers.

Over the past two days, dozens of keap-related domain names have been registered:

The domain names use a registrar’s Whois privacy service, but it’s the same corporate registrar at which is registered.

The pattern shows a good practice in corporate branding: first, acquire the domain name. Then file the trademarks. Finally, pick up ancillary domains that might be useful (or detrimental) to the brand.

Expect an announcement from Infusionsoft soon.

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