This might be the second time was stolen, and someone might have paid a lot of money for hot merchandise.

Image of cyber thief

A lawsuit (pdf) alleges that the domain name, along with,,, and, are stolen domain names.

While researching the case, I found posts saying that was stolen previously but returned to its owner in 2017.

The lawsuit alleges it was stolen last year. So taken at face value, this means that this is the second time that has been stolen.

Here’s another wrinkle: sold for $147,000 on NameJet in November of last year, after the domain name was allegedly stolen again. The domain transferred to Enom shortly after the sale, a requirement for third-party sales on NameJet. I really hope the current owner didn’t buy a stolen domain.

I would personally be very careful about buying a short numeric or letter domain name that has bounced around between multiple registrars or owners. It’s frankly getting harder to track the “title” of a domain thanks to GDPR, but buyers need to do their due diligence. When in doubt, pass on any domain with a suspect ownership history.

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