With .Inc acquisition, we’ll finally see two of the better corporate identifier domains this year.

It’s been a long wait, but two of the best “corporate identifier” top level domain names are coming to the market.

Afilias’ .LLC domain name is in the trademark sunrise period until July 5. A landrush will run from July 9-20, followed by general availability on July 23. Regular retail pricing is in the $30 range.

Another company, Intercap Holdings Inc, has acquired rights to run the .INC top level domain name. It plans to run a sunrise in October, a 7-day early access period in November and also enter general availability in November. .INC domain names will come with a hefty $2,000 suggested retail price.

Neither domain has registrant restrictions, but the price of .INC domains will limit the buyer pool.

A couple of lesser-known corporate identifier domain names have already come to market. .GMBH has about 20,000 names in the zone file and .LTDA has fewer than 1,000.

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