A business networking platform, blockchain company and tire company bought domain names.

Coffee is for closers, and Sedo closed a nice sale of Closers.com this week at $50,000.

The seller was David Wieland, who also recently put Austin.com on the block. It looks like he acquired Closers.com in late 2012 for $32,000. That’s an annualized return of about 8.5% before considering commissions.

Unfortunately, we don’t know who the buyer is yet.

The top sale I can connect to an end user is ExpertMatch.com. I tried to buy this domain a couple of years ago but the owner told me it wasn’t for sale.

Here’s a list of some of the end user sales at Sedo over the past week. You can see more lists like this here.

ExpertMatch.com $19,000 – Business networking platform Xing.

Colors.org $12,500 – Color is a blockchain platform.

Network.co.uk £9,800 – Network Computing Limited in the UK uses the domain name network-computing.co.uk.

OpenDining.com $5,752 – OpenNetworks runs an online ordering system for restaurants at OpenDining.net.

Falken.com €4,500 – Falken Tyre Europe GmbH is a European tire company. (Or Tyre, if you must.)

Cashair.com €4,000 – The owner of cashair.solutions. That domain name doesn’t host a website yet.

Meero.com $4,000 – Photography service Meero upgraded from Meero.io to Meero.com. It is forwarding the .io domain name to the new .com.

Salam.io $3,499 – Salam is a chat app.

DezignFormat.com $3,000 – Dezign Format Pte Ltd in Singapore uses the domain name DezignFormat.com.sg.

FirstCompanion.com $2,399 – First Companion is a pet food brand. The .com now forwards to the .net.

HST.co.uk £2,250 – High Spec Tech LTD is a phone repair company.

Hedone.com €2,000 – Hedone Cafe is a coffee company that uses the domain name HedoneCafe.ro.

CriticalMix.fr $2,000 – CriticalMix is a data analytics company.

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