Sedo MLS expands reach with Namecheap integration.

The words "fast transfer" in a stylized font showing speed on a yellow/orange backgorund

Domain name registrar Namecheap has integrated with Sedo’s fast transfer system, making it easier for Namecheap customers to buy domains listed on Sedo.

Namecheap already listed Sedo domains for sale, but customers had to go to to complete a purchase. Now, they can purchase domains through the standard checkout process at Namecheap and have the domains transferred into their Namecheap account.

This is a boon for domain name sellers that use Sedo MLS. Namecheap is the seventh-largest registration company in terms of .com domains registered. The integration should boost sales of Sedo MLS inventory.

Sedo has 19 million domains listed for sale and over five million of these are opted-in to the fast transfer system.

This is a one-way deal, though. Domain investors who are Namecheap customers cannot opt-in to have their domains in the Sedo MLS fast transfer system as of right now.

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