Company goes after another Whois record seller.

Logo for Whois XML APIDomain Name Commission (DNC), which manages New Zealand’s .nz country code domain name, has sued Whois information provider Whois API. The company is also known as Whois XML API.

The lawsuit is similar to one it filed against DomainTools last year.

DNC alleges that Whois API has accessed and stored .nz Whois records in violation of its terms of use.

The group sent a cease & desist letter to Whois API on December 17, 2018, the lawsuit states. At that time, it also revoked Whois API’s limited license to run any .nz Whois queries. It says it didn’t receive any response after multiple attempts to contact Whois API and its CEO.

Whois API originally sold a lot of data to people that used it for marketing purposes, including Whois database downloads, but has shifted its messaging to security over the years.

The lawsuit filing is here (pdf).

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