Plaintiff claims owner of matching .com is cybersquatting.

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The owner of the domain name Zon.Tools filed a lawsuit (pdf) in an effort to get the domain name

Zon Tools, Inc offers tools at Zon.Tools to help Amazon sellers with sponsored products bidding. It registered Zon.Tools in July 2017.

The owner of uses its domain name to offer similar tools as well as other Amazon seller tools such as review management. It registered the domain name in July 2018.

You might ask yourself why Zon Tools didn’t register when it registered Zon.Tools. The answer is simple: was registered in back in 2013 but expired in 2018. It went through the entire deletion cycle and then the defendant domain name was registered.

This shows one of the risks of registering a new TLD when you don’t own the “matching” .com. Of course, this can work both ways. If was the first registered domain, someone could use Zon.Tools in a way that confuses users.

Karl S. Kronenberger is representing Zon Tools, Inc. in the in rem lawsuit. I’m a bit surprised that the lawsuit was filed in California rather than Virginia where .com registry Verisign is headquartered, but the lawsuit notes that Verisign has an office in the jurisdiction where the case was filed.

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