Second-anniversary renewals in three domains were 77%.

Radix Registry, a new top level domain name company with nine top level domain names, has reported second-anniversary renewal rates for its three most popular top level domain names.

The company said that overall renewal rates for the second renewal on .online, .tech and .site domain names registered during the first 30 days of general availability were 77%.

.Site had the highest at 81%, .Tech was 78% and .Online was 75%.

These numbers seem in line with those at other registries. Last year, Rightside (now part of Donuts) reported that 81% of names renewed on their first anniversary were also renewed on their second anniversary.

Domain names tend to have their lowest renewal rate in the first year.

Radix reported that domain names registered during Sunrise and Early Access had even higher renewal rates. Sunrise domains are mostly for brand protection and domains purchased during Early Access had a one-time premium, so renewal costs aren’t as high.

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