Desktop will make it easier for companies to manage web apps.

Logo for DesktopIf you’re like me, you manage a lot of web apps.

A CRM system. Email. Trello. Smartsheet. Zapier.

And that’s just for me as a an individual. Imagine running a business in which you need to correctly provision access to apps to your employees based on their needs, and then revoke access when they leave.

That’s the problem Rolf Larsen experiences with his business, and that he hopes to solve with his new company Desktop. Larsen is founder of RegistryOffice and recently sold .Global to Afilias. His companies have many employees spread across the world. In total, he counts over 50 web apps they use.

Desktop will make it easier for businesses to handle the distribution, organization and security of web apps used by their employees and contractors.

Larsen is going all in on the venture, starting with the domain name. He acquired from Idealab. The business will pay for the domain over two years and already made a significant down payment on the domain.

Even as someone who ran a new top level domain, Larsen understands the value of a great .com domain name. He explained to DNW:

New domain extensions are great alternatives for branding, but a keyword .com is still by far the top choice if it can be had. Most often it cannot be purchased, at least for an affordable amount to a startup. Or it’s simply being used by a big company even if not in a competing space.

The keyword .com will give a company a recognition it wouldn’t get with a keyword new extension. There are some great combo names using two keywords, where the keyword behind the dot would be the extension. But even those are not yet up there in recognition as a one-keyword .com.

New extensions are great in defining the vertical sector of the brand. I have always advocated that brand owners should register all available relevant extensions for their brand. I chose that the most relevant extensions (even counting ccTLDs) for my startup would be .app and .cloud. This is because they communicate how the desktop service will be distributed.

Since I chose to use a well known and much-used keyword to brand my company, the .com would simply be hard to avoid in branding. Not all keywords are good for branding though, but I do believe the keyword desktop is.

Idealab was represented by Sedo in the deal. Born during the .com boom, Idealab owns a number of great domain names. It has previously sold names including and It was also involved in the commercialization of .TV. Also of note to domain investors, it incubated GoTo, which invented pay-per-click search marketing.

In a Q&A with Sedo, Larsen noted:

The impact I expect from this domain is a faster growth rate and more PR just due to the branding. Hopefully, getting serious funding for growth should be easier too, since branding is already established.

Larsen anticipates launching Desktop next year.

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