Sedo introduces new backgrounds with options for displaying domain information.

A Sedo for-sale lander showing the seller's information and domain info

One of Sedo’s new For Sale landers

Sedo (finally) announced sales-only domain landers last month. These landing pages only promote that the domain is for sale rather than showing ads.

Some domainers took issue with the quality of the landers and Sedo has responded.

Today, it announced 12 new variations of its for-sale landers. It’s really three new background colors/images with the ability to customize what information is shown.

For each background, sellers can choose to display:

  1. Just the sales message
  2. Information about the seller including location and how long they’ve been active on Sedo
  3. Information about the domain including the number of offers and traffic
  4. Both the seller and domain information

Sedo clients can select the landing page option from their parking control panel.

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