Download lists to look for good domains, and you now have longer to buy discounted domains at

Picture of downloadable list option on Sedo

Sedo’s expired domain lists are now downlodable.

A couple of quick news items for you on this Monday morning…

Sedo made its expired domain name inventory list downloadable. The marketplace auctions off expiring domain names from registrar 1&1 which is part of the same company as Sedo. But sorting through the list to find good domains is difficult. Now you can download the list and run it through services like Estibot to find the best domains. I also hope this means that expired domain data sites like start to provide data on these domains.

Also, has ended its Happy Hour sale concept in favor of monthly specials. The Happy Hour was a special promo (usually on one top level domain) that ran for a short time on Thursday afternoons. It’s a lot of effort to schedule time to register a domain to save a few bucks. Now, has a week-long sale each month. The kicker is you need to go to the sale page and get the discount code to get the discount. You’ll pay more if you try to register one of the sale domains and don’t use the discount code.

This month’s sale includes 30 new top level domains, most from Donuts’ portfolio. Donuts owns

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