Premium Domain Names Brokerage

So what exactly can we do for you? Well, in basic terms, we play the name game, and we do it well.

We’ve amassed a personal portfolio of more than 1000 premium domains, and that’s in addition to the thousands of premium domains owned and managed by our network of clients and associates.

Playing the name game is tricky. On one hand you need creativity and innovation to formulate new names and recognise prospective domains that carry high potential. On the other hand, you’ll need the experience and expertise required to make educated estimates and informed decisions during the domain buying or selling process.

Whether you’re searching for the perfect domain to add to your portfolio or strengthen your brand online, or you’re just trying to sell a premium domain of your own, we have the experience and knowledge to guide you through the process from start to finish.

Our services can be broadly classified into five main categories:

  1. Domain Name Valuation

The core of what we do is estimating the monetary and kinetic value of domain names. Before any sale or acquisition is made, we want to ponder how much a domain name might be worth in the eyes of future buyers and investors, as well as how much the domain name might increase the value of a company’s website or online branding efforts. We go above and beyond the conventional metrics when estimating the value of a domain name, being that the valuation phase is the foundation of both the domain buying and selling processes.

  1. Domain Name Sales

Finding premium domain names to buy is relatively easy; there’s an entire marketplace full of them. While there’s also an entire marketplace of buyers constantly looking for premium names, finding the right buyer to pay you the best price for your domain can be challenging. If you have a premium domain or website you’re trying to sell, but you’ve been unable to attract a decent amount of prospective buyers, we can help you utilise multiple platforms to get your premium domains the exposure they need to sell.

  1. Domain Name Acquisition

Sure, there are plenty of premium domains to choose from, but why pick less than the best? Our domain name acquisition services are designed to help you acquire the best premium domain names tailored to your goals and preferences, as soon as they become available. We can help you devise a name acquisition strategy and then facilitate the process of acquiring any available names, as well as backordering and monitoring names that are due to become available.

  1. Domain Name Brokerage

What happens when you really want a particular domain name but it’s already been taken and is not scheduled to come back onto the marketplace anytime soon? In such cases, enlisting the assistance of a domain broker may be the best option. Our expert brokers can act on your behalf to negotiate the sale or purchase of a specific domain name or a set of names that are relevant to your brand or niche.

  1. Website Brokerage

Buying and selling entire websites is even more challenging, and perhaps more fulfilling, than simply playing the name game. Whether you’re trying to make an offer on a popular site, or you’re looking to sell a site that you’ve put a lot of work into, we have the skills and connections to help you negotiate the sale or acquisition in a manner that will provide an optimal outcome both economically and strategically.