These three domain names caught my attention in and around Austin.

Earlier this week I wrote about a bakery in Austin that uses an internationalized domain name so it can have an accent in its domain name. Here are a few other domains I’ve observed in the wild recently.

A four-letter, three-hyphen domain name

I’ve never seen so many hyphens crammed into such a short domain name before. While it looks OK, imagine telling someone to email you at n dash o dash v dash a dot com.

Picture of Nova van with domain

.Church on a truck

Here’s a bumper sticker for a local church that uses for its domain name. .Church will never be a runaway moneymaker, but it’s a solid winner for Donuts. It has about 25,000 names in the zone.

Red truck with a bumper sticker for

A flyer with a .Church

Here’s yet another church using a .church domain name. I received this flyer in the mail.

Flyer for

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