Show gets domain name after announcing new season on Lifetime.

Logo of Super Nanny TV show

The producer of Supernanny, a reality TV show featuring nanny Jo Frost, has won the rights to the domain name through a cybersquatting dispute.

The show debuted in 2004, so you might be surprised that the group waited until 2019 to file a UDRP cybersquatting case against the domain name. It turns out that at the end of March this year they announced a new season coming to the Lifetime network in 2020. They filed the cybersquatting dispute two weeks later. was originally registered in January 2000, well before the show debuted in Britain. Normally a domain name must be registered after trademark rights are established in order to win a UDRP. However, the show used historical Whois records to show that the domain name has changed hands multiple times since it was originally registered.

The owner of the domain name didn’t respond to the dispute, so the panelist gave the benefit of the doubt to the Complainant.


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