Punters register domain names for sports betting.

Last month the U.S. Supreme Court handed down a decision that effectively allows states to legalize sports betting. This is a huge economic opportunity, and some people see value in registering sports betting domain names.

According to .com domain name registry Verisign, these were the top ten “trending” keywords in .com registrations last month:

1. sports
2. bet
3. apple
4. bets
5. escort
6. gambling
7. betting
8. adverts
9. bookie
10. opportunity

At least six of the domains are directly related to sports betting.

Verisign calculates the trending keywords based on which terms had the highest percentage increase in registrations from one month to the next.

I haven’t noticed an uptick in domain sales related to sports betting yet, but I expect this will happen as more states legalize sports betting.

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