Company gets trademarks and domain name.

TZGZ it comes after syfy logo

As I was working on this week’s end user domain name list, I discovered that SyFy, the television network owned by Universal Studios, might be rebranding.

The company paid $43,000 for the domain name The domain now forwards to

I searched for trademarks on TZGZ and found that Universal Studios just obtained four trademark registrations for TZGZ yesterday. Two of them are for TZGZ as a word mark and two are for a logo TZGZ It Comes After SyFy (pictured above).

The goods and services are related to entertainment, broadcasting, etc.

Would SyFy rebrand? It’s possible; SyFy badly fails the radio test. TZGZ is a mouthful and I wonder if it is pronounced another way.

TZGZ could just be a show, podcast or something else for the network, but the logo branding and trademark applications make it seem like a big deal.

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