The owners of put up with lots of purchase inquiries and misdirected email.

Screenshot of, a website often confused with other websites.

Definitely not for sale.

Earlier today I wrote about how Third Door Media is suing rival ClickZ over its use of the term MarTech.

A Domain Name Wire reader pointed out that neither company owns Indeed, it appears that the company that owns the gets a lot of inquiries about buying the domain. Its website states:

No, this domain name is not for sale. We get this query several times each week, which is why we created this landing page. We registered the domain in 1993, when you had probably never heard of the Internet, and have operated continuously using this domain name ever since. In case you still do not understand, this domain is not abandoned! We also have no interest in buying your domain name.

It also gets a lot of misdirected email:

MarTech, in one form or another, seems to be a popular domain name and we get lots of email that isn’t intended for us. In the past we’ve been kind enough to reply to misaddressed emails, explaining the error to the sender. After a sufficient number of really nasty responses, we no longer provide that service. There is clearly no remedy for stupidity, and we delete several hundred misdirected emails every week.

If you need a good laugh this Monday morning, the site has more to make you smile.

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