Why Chinese companies are registering domains with 56 in them.

The number 56 on a black background

While conducting end user research recently, I came across a number of four-character domains containing the number 56. What is so special about 56?

Well, 56 rhymes with some Pinyin phrases. One of them is Wu Liu (物流=logistics), which makes domains containing 56 suitable for Chinese companies in the logistics industry.

As China is the largest logistics market in the world, you can expect a lot of companies operating in this logistics industry. If you want to join them, a four-character domain containing the number 56 may be a viable option.

Specifically, a four-character domain using the LLNN (letter-letter-number-number) or NNLL pattern is desired. Here, LL is an acronym representing 2-pin names, which is the most popular type in China. Below are examples using the patterns.

Company Pinyin Domain
永康物流 Yong Kang Wu Liu YK56.com
物流名片 Wu Liu Ming Pian 56MP.com
物流专线 Wu Liu Zhuan Xian 56ZX.com
燕文物流 Yan Wen Wu Liu YW56.com.cn
锦程物流 Jin Cheng Wu Liu JC56.com
百运物流 Bai Yun Wu Liu BY56.com
浙江物流 Zhe Jiang Wu Liu ZJ56.com.cn

Even though I only focused on four-character domains in my recent end user research, the concept also applies to other types of domains, such as i56.cc (爱物流), e56.com (易物流), SCZ56.com (传送阵物流), SZKT56.com (苏州可通物流), and 56baba.com (物流巴巴). These domains are actually used by Chinese logistics companies.

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