A look back at 2019, including December’s top stories.

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The domain name industry finished 2019 with a bang, and it’s off to the races in this new decade. What will be in store? Listen to the 2020 Predictions Podcast for forecasts from 15 different people.

Over the holiday break, I published analyses of some of the top stories in the domain name business last year.

Of course, the big news was a private equity company announcing plans to acquire .org after ICANN lifted all price caps.

Other top stories include Alpnames shutting down and a  record-smashing domain sale. On the lighter side, a lot of dead people got domain names in 2019.

Also, I hope you are enjoying having Kassey Lee cover the Chinese angle on domain names for Domain Name Wire. It seems that people like his stories; 2 were among the top five in December!

China can be mystifying to people like me, so it’s great to have Kassey breaking down why specific domain names are worth more than you think. He’s also analyzing the market for certain TLDs in China and much more. You can read all of his stories here.

Here are the top five stories from last month, as ranked by pageviews:

1. A four character domain for $16,500? Here’s why – Kassey Lee breaks down why 23ZW has meaning to this Chinese company.

2. Namecheap adds cool new feature to domain search – It could help domain name investors.

3. This elite startup uses a long numeric domain – Another story about a Chinese company’s domain name was popular this month.

4. This is how thieves trick customers into wiring money to them – Thieves use typo domain names to trick people into wiring money that is due to another party.

5. A fractional domain ownership idea – Aron Meystedt offered shares in his domain NNR.com. Expect more fractional domain ownership opportunities in 2020.

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