Here are three features of Uniregistry’s marketplace that I hope GoDaddy keeps post-acquisition.

Uniregistry lets you category-target your parking keywords. GoDaddy should keep this feature.

Yesterday, GoDaddy announced that it is acquiring Uniregistry, the Uniregistry marketplace, and the Name Administration domain name portfolio.

In an interview with Domain Name Wire, GoDaddy VP of Aftermarket Paul Nicks said GoDaddy plans to retain much of what Uniregistry has built. Here are some things about the Uniregistry Marketplace that I hope GoDaddy keeps or builds into its own platform.

Keyword category-targeting – GoDaddy doesn’t have much of a domain name parking platform. And let’s face it, few of us are making decent money from parking anymore. That said, Uniregistry has a good parking feature that I use even when I’m not hunting for much parking revenue. It lets you set a category for the ads that should show on your parked page. Showing ads relevant to a domain name helps establish a legitimate interest in a domain name, which is a key defense in UDRP cases. Setting a category for the dictionary meaning of the domain avoids Google’s algorithm deciding to show trademark-related ads.

Buyer information – Right now, Afternic doesn’t tell you anything about who is inquiring about your domain names. Uniregistry shows you the IP/location and the prospect’s contact information. There are even handy links to search Google for the prospect’s email address or find their LinkedIn profile. This is helpful when negotiating.

Self-service or full-visibility features – There’s a fundamental difference between Uniregistry’s marketplace and Afternic. Uniregistry lets you handle leads yourself or send the leads to brokers, while GoDaddy takes care of everything for you. It would be great to have the Afternic team handle inquiries for you while also giving you visibility into what’s happening, which is possible with Uniregistry. If GoDaddy removes self-service capabilities, this could lead a lot of domain investors to take another look at and Efty.

What other features would you like GoDaddy to retain or add to its platform?

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