9.5 million .com/.net registrations in Q4, operating margin continues to grow.

.Com registry Verisign (NASDAQ: VRSN) reported Q4 and full-year 2018 results this afternoon.

For the year, GAAP net income increased from $457 million in 2017 to $582 million in 2018. Non-GAAP income increased from $492 million to $620 million. These numbers include a one-time boost of $52.0 million (GAAP) and $42.8 million (Non-GAAP) from selling its security business to Neustar.

Verisign processed 9.5 million new .com and .net domain name registrations during Q4 2018. That increased the base of .com and .net domains by 1.29 million to 153.0 million.

The company’s already healthy operating margins got even better. GAAP operating margin for the year increased from 60.7% to 63.2%. Non-GAAP operating margin increased from 65.3% to 67.5%.

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