Procter & Gamble, a pharmaceutical company and a Chinese tour company all bought domains last week.

graphic of briefcase full of money related to end user domain name sales

The household products behemoth Procter & Gamble bought a new exact match domain for its extensive portfolio at Sedo last week. Other buyers include a pharma company that paid $25,000 for

Here’s the list of Sedo end user sales from the past week. You can view previous lists like this here. $25,000 – FLX Bio is a pharmaceutical company that develops orally-administered drugs for cancer and other inflammatory diseases. It is forwarding the domain to its main website and I can’t find anything on it about RAPT. Microsoft appears to be the seller. $11,500 – A tour operator in West China. $9,900 – Procter & Gamble. Vigantol is a form of Vitamin D3. This was a SedoMLS sale. $5,500 – Under development for a Chicago-based company specializing in renting electrical testing equipment. $3,600 – Not yet developed but this was purchased by Contextual Reports, LLC, a firm in Palo Alto. $3,366 – New website for Real Estate mogul Andrew Cordle where he shares wealth advice via video content. €3,000 – Forwards to, a “Member’s only” online high-end clothing shopping club. $2,800 – Not yet developed but this domain was purchased by Half Ticket, an Indian online clothes retailer. €2,400 – SPARWELT GmbH has a product called ShopMate. When someone purchases from a partner e-commerce company, they get a promotion for another partner company. €2,000 – Forwards to, a French investment service provider.

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