A rope maker and auto accessories company bought domains at Uniregistry this past week.

Uniregistry logo U in grayscaleUniregistry’s top public sales over the past week include Calisthenics.com at the top end for $30,000, down to SupremeStore.com in the 20th slot.

I was able to connect about half of this week’s Uniregistry sales to the buyers. Here’s a look at the sales:

1. calisthenics.com $30,000
2. deskphone.com $28,750 – MacNeil, an auto accessories company. I’m not sure what the domain is for but it forwards to its site WeatherTech.com.
3. digitalmining.com $25,000
4. cordage.com $22,000 – My bet is that Canada Cordage, a rope maker, is the buyer. The company uses CanadaCordgage.com and Cordages.com. It’s in Ontario, Canada, which is what the whois record denotes.
5. internationalworld.com $15,000 – International Associates in Bulgaria.
6. pdg.it $14,030 – Polo Del Gusto S.r.l. in Italy bought its acronym in the Italian country code.
7. knitch.com $14,000
8. bips.com $10,000
9. lovehub(.)com $8,600 – An escort site.
10. tepic.com $6,515 – The domain now forwards to Facilities.com.mx, the website for Facilities Solutions.
11. stanchions.com $6,500
12. levar.com $6,000
13. masteragent.com $6,000
14. radicals.org $6,000
15. insciencewetrust.com $5,000
16. sexologies.com $5,000 – The domain forwards to AIUS.fr, the website for an associate for sexology academics and practitioners.
17. highstakes.net $5,000 – 180Vita Ltd, a performance marketing company.
18. fittoday.com $4,500 – Saxberg Holding BV
19. greatchicagofire.com $4,000 – Someone in Illinois bought this domain. Perhaps it’s the Chicago Historical Society, which uses the matching .org.
20. supremestore.com $4,000

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