, among domain purchases.

Screenshot of, a software translation management company

Phrase upgraded its domain from to for $75,000

Uniregistry has begun publishing some of its top monthly domain name sales. The company released its first batch for July. Keep in mind that many of the top domains are excluded from the list due to non-disclosure agreements.

Like I do for my Sedo end user reports, I reviewed the top sales to find out who bought the domains. Some are now resolving to new websites, some still point to old sales landers, and it seems investors also snapped up some of the names.

Here they are: – $105,000 – Namecheap Whois privacy, does not resolve. – $100,000 – Uniregistry privacy, resolves to Uniregistry parked page. – $75,000 – Phrase is a software translation management company that upgraded its domain from to (I recently acquired – $69,350 – Knots is a Melbourne, Australia-based shoe designer. – $48,000 – No, the new top level domain company didn’t buy a .com. Bi:Radix, a market survey company, bought it to forward to its website – $38,000 – Uniregistry whois only shows an owner in New Jersey. The domain resolves to a Uniregistry lander. – $40,000 – Uniregistry privacy. The domain forwards to a lander on – $28,520 – Enom Whois privacy. The domain resolves to a website saying the site is under renovation. It has a logo for GPGroup and a rather generic description. – $26,000 – 1&1 Whois privacy. The domain resolves to a Sedo lander. – $27,500 – The Whois briefly changed to “System Admin” in Florida but is now under GoDaddy privacy. It still resolves to a Uniregistry lander. – $22,000 – A HiChina Whois record and it doesn’t resolve. – $20,000 – Namecheap Whois privacy. The domain doesn’t resolve but the buyer moved it to AWS servers. I thought it might be the owner of but they use GoDaddy’s default servers for their website. uses AWS so my money is on that one. – $20,000 – Uniregistry Whois privacy. Resolves to Uniregistry lander. Surely a domain company bought it? – $20,000 – Uniregistry Whois privacy. Does not resolve. $20,000 – PJLJ Enterprises, Inc is starting a golf store on Shopify using this domain. – $20,000 – Whois shows Joannie Sauvageau in Quebec, Canada. A couple of people with this name in Quebec pop up on LinkedIn. – $17,000 – NSE Products Inc in Utah. A google search returns some corporate filings. – $16,800 – NEOCOS Laboratorios SL is a hair cosmetics company in Spain. Cabello means hair in Spanish. $16,500 – An office furniture company forwards this domain to its website $15,000 – Uniregistry Whois lists Australia as the location of the buyer.

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