MyICANN was critical to following everything happening at ICANN, but it hasn’t been available for a year.

Screenshot of MyICANN daily briefing

MyICANN, a key component of transparency at ICANN, has been gone for a year.

One of the best things that former ICANN CEO Fadi Chehadé oversaw while he led the organization was myICANN.

MyICANN gave a drastic boost to transparency at ICANN by doing a simple thing: notifying you when something was added to

It sounds simple and it is. But it surfaced critical information on rather than burying it somewhere deep on the hopelessly complex website. Even if it was published on a Saturday.

Unfortunately, the service was shut down at the end of 2018.

It’s quite difficult to find this information now. Some information is syndicated through ICANN’s RSS feed, but not all of it.

I reached out to ICANN to find out why it terminated the service. A spokesperson said it’s working on a more robust version. I don’t think a more robust version is needed. It worked great, and it’s unfortunate that myICANN shut down.

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