Automattic drops Proofreading tool from latest JetPack release.

Image showing WordPress JetPack Proofreading tool, which has been discontinued

WordPress has sunset its Proofreading tool in JetPack.

WordPress creator Automattic has ditched a great feature in the latest update to its JetPack plugin.

As of the newly released JetPack 7.3, Proofreading is no longer supported.

The proofreading tool checked posts for grammar and spelling prior to publishing them. I found it to be a good tool that often caught stuff that other grammar checkers missed. It also made good word-choice suggestions.

WordPress engineer James Huff stated that the feature was dropped because other tools get the job done:

We removed the feature as it has become a bit redundant lately. Most major web browsers have some form of this already built-in, and free extensions like [Grammarly] are making huge strides in the field.

It felt like the right time to back out of that field and focus more on everything else we offer.

I imagine it took a lot of resources to keep this featuring working. It’s good news for Grammarly; I’ll probably upgrade to its paid version.

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