A domain name registrar was an end user this week.

graphic of briefcase full of money related to end user domain name sales

It’s not often that you see a domain name registrar acquire a domain name as an end user. But that happened this week as Uniregistry (or is it now Uni?) bought the domain name UniEmail.com at Sedo.

This was one of 19 end user sales I uncovered at Sedo for the past week.

One that I didn’t include because I don’t know the buyer is Club.app. It sold for just $2,000, which sets a value point for .app domains.

Here’s the list of end user sales from the past week. You can view previous lists like this here.

Lootjes.nl €29,500 – Forwards to Lootjestrekken.nl. This site lets you set up gift exchanges by pulling straws. It randomizes who your gift recipient is.

Capiche.com – A fun name but it reminds me of the spelling challenges that Gazoontite experienced back in the day. I’m not sure who bought it but the domain resolves to a page with a Capiche logo.

AutoPiter.com €9,900 – Forwards to AutoPiter.ru, a Russian auto and motorcycle parts dealer.

Chacon.com €9,850 – Chacon sells smart home goods and cameras at Chacon.be. It now has the .com to match its country code domain. I think it got a good deal on this name.

InversorGlobal.com $6,000 – This domain was purchased by Inversor Global, a Spanish Investment Firm that currently uses IGDigital.com as its main website.

Lyst.ch and Lyst.at €5,500 each – Lyst Ltd is an online fashion store that uses the domain name Lyst.com.

OmniGym.com $5,465 – Omnigym (Puuha Sports Oy) produces home fitness and gym equipment out of Finland.

CloudTechSolutions.com $4,999 – Cloud Technology Solutions is a Google Cloud Premier Partner that provides G Suite and Google Cloud Platform (GCP) solutions. The domain forwards to CloudSolutions.co.uk.

EYUP.com $3,900 – David Richards of the David and Jane Richards Family Foundation, a charitable organization whose goal is to educate, empower and improve the lives of children. For now, the domain forwards to the foundation’s website at djrff.org.

QAD.nl €2,900 – Forwards to QAD.com, an integrated business software company for manufacturing companies. The company now owns the Dutch ccTLD.

WER.io $2,800 – A new digital marketing agency whose claim is to connect the physical store aspect of businesses with digital channels, enabling an immersive, spatial computing environment and direct marketing channel between brands and consumers at the local store and online.

ChefsResource.com $2,500 – This website is still being developed but has the message posted, “We are trusted by millions of home cooks as the authority for best recipes, cooking tips, and much more”. Might be some hyperbole there since it’s a fresh install of WordPress.

LQ.be €2,200 – Lemmis Q is a French Consultancy Firm that helps organizations through structural changes using their own readiness scan based on the “Six batteries of change”. Its website is LemmisQ.com.

Viak.com – $3,500 Viak is an organization trying to make smartphones more affordable.

UniEmail.com $3,000 – Domain name registrar Uni (aka Uniregistry) bought this domain.

Arcade.one $3,000- This new site appears to be for games and has a cool coming soon page.

George.pro – €2,019 Erste Group’s George Labs, which has a banking solution called George.

RenewalTherapy.org $2,000 – Forwards to RenewalCounselling.com – an individual counseling and psychotherapy services provider.

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