Chinese company’s website doesn’t resolve? Try again with www.

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Here’s a quick tip for you when researching end users in China. Be sure to prefix a .cn or domain with “www”. Otherwise, you may miss out an important Chinese company.

This is a common problem I have come across time and time again. Say I have a domain called and I want to see if is already developed. When you enter the domain into your browser, there is a difference between specifying “” and “”.

The difference can be illustrated using the following examples.

Domain With www Without www Education platform Not resolve Stock exchange Not resolve National Meteorological Center 403 Forbidden Engineering company Not Found Electric utility company Not resolve Bank Not resolve

By not including the “www” prefix, you may have missed out on some big potential buyers for your domain. For example, is the corporate site of ShenZhen Stock Exchange, which is the 8th largest stock exchange in the world according to Wikipedia. Another example is of State Grid Corporation of China which ranks No. 5 in 2019 Fortune Global 500.

Therefore, be sure to prefix .cn and domains with “www” when doing your end user research.

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