Companies are making it harder to register and sell crisis-related domains. You should thank them.

Picture of money being flushed down the toilet

Domain name registrar Namecheap has stopped allowing domain names including the words coronavirus, covid, and vaccine from being registered through its service.

Domain name marketplace is removing all coronavirus domain names from its service.

These two developments might irk people trying to profit from tragedy, but these people should thank the companies instead. Why? They’re saving them from registering worthless domain names. And looking like a schmuck.

Namecheap’s move will also help stem the tide of people registering coronavirus domains to peddle fake remedies and undertake other scams. Of course, it’s easy to just switch to a registrar that will look the other way. But kudos to Namecheap for not wanting to have any part in it.

There are legitimate reasons to register domains related to the pandemic. Just ask Oracle.

But for the bulk of people out there: just stop.

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