Domain Name Sales

Owning a great domain name is like having money in the bank. However, owning a premium domain name is like owning the bank itself. If you have a domain that you are looking to sell, Premium Domain Brokers can help you determine the actual value of that name in order to get the highest price possible.

We Never Sit on a Name

One of the reasons why we are in such high demand is because we actively market your domain. We never sit on a name and simply wait until a potential buyer comes along asking questions. Rather, our expert marketing team narrows down the market, and the specific niche within that market, so that we target only those who would have an interest in that particular domain name.

It has been our experience that by targeting 6 companies or individuals that would place a high value on your domain name we can streamline the process. It usually only takes that first 6 before we get a hit. Why? Because we know the business and we are very good at what we do!

What Happens When a Potential Buyer Expresses an Interest?

Once a potential buyer expresses an interest, we have a very precise procedure that we follow. The first thing we do is work up a non-disclosure agreement to maintain complete confidentiality. Next we present them with a business case for why this particular premium domain name is perfect for them, how it can benefit their company (or personal blog) specifically.

We also offer them advice to sweeten the deal, both for you and for them. This advice could take the form of how best to integrate a well-rounded number of marketing strategies and perhaps talking to them about SEO. Not only do we want to help you sell your premium domain name, but we want the buyer to profit as well. When we are talking to a business venture, we might also discuss offline marketing strategies as well as online marketing. Both can work together to maximise income as well as adding to the capital value of the site.
The End Goal

Of course the end goal is to make sure that your premium domain name sells for the highest price we can get.But, we also want the buyer to acquire a site that suits his or her niche so that they can realise the highest ROI as well. At Premium Domain Brokers, we believe in what we do and know just how lucrative the digital market can be. When you get the price you are asking and the buyer gets a domain name that will be profitable, it’s a win-win transaction and we are happy to be a part of it.

To find out more about Premium Domain Brokers and our comprehensive services, take a few moments to browse our site and if you’d like, give us a call. We’re happy to discuss how you can benefit from our years of experience in this exciting and profitable business.