Domain Name Valuation

If you’re interested in selling a premium domain that you own, but you’re not quite sure how much it might be worth in the online marketplace, we can help with a comprehensive multi-point valuation that takes a number of factors into account.

Our premium domain experts have been judging the value of domains for a combined span of decades, so we know how to provide an accurate and actionable appraisal that can be used as the basis for a premium domain listing price.

Whether you’re itching to know what your domain is worth out of sheer curiosity or you’re getting ready to try for a quick sale, we can assess the practical and potential value of a domain based on tangible factors and our specialised expertise in domain valuation.

What We Look at When Judging Domain Value

Our team use the scientific method to analyse domain value based on attributes like name length, generic applicability, branding potential, name demand, extension type, length of registration/domain age, and a number of other readily apparent features.

Our primary concern when judging the value of a domain name is to give our client a realistic figure that a buyer might be willing to pay for the domain if it were listed at auction.

Assessing the Value of a Portfolio

If you’d like to know the value of your portfolio as a whole, we can conduct a valuation of each individual domain as well as a collective valuation of the complete portfolio if it were sold as a unit. Requesting a full portfolio valuation is particularly useful if you own more than 25-50 domains and you’re getting ready to make a bulk sale or need to know the portfolio’s value for tax purposes.

More than Just a Number

We believe in giving our clients more than just a number when they ask for a domain valuation. We want you to gain a thorough understanding of what makes a domain valuable so that you can feel confident when selling your current domains or buying new ones in the future.

If you’ve been questioning the value of one of your domains or your entire portfolio, we can provide a detailed and informative appraisal after conducting the necessary research and analysis. Feel free to contact us today to find out how we can help you obtain and understand valuations for all of your sites at a competitive, all-inclusive rate.